The One Before the Last One

I finally made it to the National Library (getting sick seriously ruins everything) and found this statue that I’d last seen on our first week here during the city tour. The library itself is somewhat cool with a design somewhat like the UC San Diego library, just slightly less pyramid-y and more boxy. The statue […]

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The One With the Asados

Continuing our favorite tradition of heading to the cultural festivals on the weekends, we headed to the Mexico Cultural Festival! Despite all of the misleading dates and confusion about when the festival was actually occurring, we finally made it and I finally got my burrito. I gotta say, it wasn’t as good as my California […]

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The One With the Museums

The cool thing about having no class on Friday is that my friends and I can all go do cool things together. The cool thing about having no class on Thursday while my friends do, is that I can go do cool things that interest me (but maybe not them). So one fine Thursday afternoon, I […]

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