Of Birthdays and Elections

Birthdays in other countries can be either pretty great or pretty depressing. Sometimes, birthdays can trigger all sorts of feelings of culture shock and homesickness when you have to celebrate your birthday thousands of miles away from the friends and family you usually celebrate with. ┬áIn order to avoid that experience, I planned an epic […]

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The One in Barcelona

We had a couple tourist places left to visit in Trujillo, so while it was raining, we took shelter in a large church that we’d walked past a few times. The woman inside recognized us and told us that folks who live in Trujillo get to visit the historical sites for free, which we had […]

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Time to Run With Bulls

It turns out that running with the bulls is not a once a year occurrence. The little town near us has “festivities” at the end of September that involves a lot of partying and a daily “capea” with bulls. Austin and I never really got a straight answer in english or spanish the history behind […]

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Deja Que Comience la Magia

And we’re back! A little over a year ago I published my last blog post from Argentina and returned from Cuba (and promptly forgot to post my Cuban blogs, forgive me). I spent the past year enjoying my final year of university, solidifying friendships, setting off fire alarms, and learning a thing or two. Unable […]

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