The One With All the Goodbyes

For my last week in Buenos Aires I flew the coop and headed to Igazu again!!!! Whoo!!!!! Just kidding… In downtown Buenos Aires there’s a “Monument to Igazú” but it’s actually just a mock Igazú Falls for all the tourists who won’t be able to make it up to Igazú. I mean come on, that’s […]

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The One With Uruguay

A little delayed, but I finally got the photos from our river rafting trip in Mendoza! Look how much fun we had! We’re all sopping and smiling 😀    Having some free time last week a friend and myself headed to La Boca to explore. We visited Caminito on our city tour but it rained […]

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The One in the Pampas

Because Mendoza threw off my blog schedule, you all get two blogs, this week this one filled with things I did last week and this week (aka today). The tango is a very popular dance here in Argentina (as I’m sure everyone knows) and in addition to tango shows around the city, and lots of […]

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The One With the New Country

The elevators here are kind of awesome. It was one of the first things we noticed after arriving at our hotel and taking our suitcases upstairs. Most of the elevators have manual doors and are incredibly small. The apartment elevators all hold about three people squished very closely together. If you forgot to close the […]

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Wedding Time!

As things settle down (a month and a half in), the weeks get a little less crowded and my blogs might start being a little less often. Especially as I don’t bring my camera to some activities, such as a trail ride on horseback in the desert. An extremely fun part of the week, but […]

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