The Group Goes to Jerusalem

If you take a look at the above image you can play a little game and see if you can spot three ibexes hanging out on the hill. Maybe this is really easy, I’ve looked at this picture enough times that they don’t seem camouflaged anymore so I really don’t know. One day we all […]

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When Cows Fly

Alrighty, as promised here are pictures from the second half of the anniversary celebration of Ketura’s 41st year as a Kibbutz. In addition to the skits and speeches made last time I posted, there was also a special wake for the dairy center on the kibbutz. It was done in the style of an irish […]

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Anniversaries and Birthdays

And really, aren’t they one and the same when you think about it? A birthday is just celebrating the anniversary of your birth after all. I mentioned before that the last day of our Negev Trip was on my birthday, but since the blog post ended there, I didn’t get to talk about the marvelous […]

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Wedding Time!

As things settle down (a month and a half in), the weeks get a little less crowded and my blogs might start being a little less often. Especially as I don’t bring my camera to some activities, such as a trail ride on horseback in the desert. An extremely fun part of the week, but […]

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