Exploring the Desert

Everyone loves field trips and that was no exception for us! We started the week with a field trip for ecology learning about the ecology of the Arava desert and the ecology of the Red Sea. We started at a bird reserve just outside of Eilat, it’s a little late in the season so we […]

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It’s Not All About Hiking

Once a year, all the kibbutzim in the area get together and have a huge farmer’s market. Luckily for the students, we were here during that time! We all hopped on the bus and headed to a kibbutz just to the north of us and spent a few happy hours shopping around the booths and […]

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The Festive Season

At the institute we take advantage of holidays (Sukkot was this week) and go on overnight hikes! We headed down to the Eilat mountains and camped overnight, going on a nice full moon-lit night hike around 10pm with a ridiculous amount of light. The first two pictures attached are from our early morning sunrise  hike when […]

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Settling in to Kibbutz Life

This photo was taken during a hike up to the top of electric mountain (which overlooks the kibbutz). I sat on the edge of the cliff here (it’s not actually a cliff) and it freaked out all of the other students and the PA (Program Associate), but  I wasn’t really going to fall. We hiked up […]

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Off Kibbutz Adventures

For one of our group activities we had a bonfire in the desert, this is a popular bonfire space that is a five to ten minute walk away from the kibbutz. Fun kibbutz myth: The hill that this picture was taken from looks a lot like a camel when viewed during the day. The story says that […]

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So it begins….

With mountains surrounding the kibbutz it was rather inevitable that we’d go hiking soon after arriving. Because of the heat we started the hike around 6:30 in the morning and we were still hot as we climbed the mountain. Luckily, there was a pretty heavy breeze at the top that kept us cool as we […]

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