The One With the Waterfalls

I’m going to chat more about the exercise equipment in Buenos Aires next week, but we got to the airport waaay too early (we expected the colectivo to take half an hour to show up and, of course, two appeared within five minutes of our arrival at the stop). So we walked along the riverbank […]

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The One With Uruguay

A little delayed, but I finally got the photos from our river rafting trip in Mendoza! Look how much fun we had! We’re all sopping and smiling 😀    Having some free time last week a friend and myself headed to La Boca to explore. We visited Caminito on our city tour but it rained […]

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The One With the Lakes

 “We have not quite determined how far it shall carry us,” said Mrs Gardiner, “but perhaps to the Lakes.” No scheme could have been more agreeable to Elizabeth, and her acceptance of the invitation was most ready and grateful. “My dear, dear aunt,” she rapturously cried, “what delight! what felicity! You give me fresh life […]

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