Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket

Project Info Pattern: Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket by Gina House Yarn: Feels Like Butta (White): 800-1000 yards This might just be the world’s softest baby yarn. Being made from 100% polyester it is super soft, super durable, and easy to work with. And, of course, once it’s been blocked, it stays blocked. Time to Completion:Continue reading “Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket”

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness – Gunflint Lake to East Bearskin Lake

Ah, the quintessential Minnesota adventure — canoeing through the clear, calm waters of some of the over ten thousand lakes that dot the Minnesota landscape. Despite growing up here, I had never ventured into the Boundary Waters (to be honest, I hadn’t heard of it until Aaron mentioned it) but I was immediately intrigued. I’mContinue reading “Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness – Gunflint Lake to East Bearskin Lake”

Unicorn Beanie

Project Info Pattern: Unicorn Hat by Holly G Hats Yarn: Big Twist (Twinkle): 100 yards Carron Simply Soft (Purple): 100 yards Gold colored yarn from my yarn stash: 5-10 yards While the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, I suspect it would be easier to get gauge with chunky yarn. Although it calls forContinue reading “Unicorn Beanie”

DROPS Potholders with Nordic Pattern

Project Info Pattern: 0-725 Poinsettias in the Snow by DROPS Design Yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream 100% Cotton Yarn 113g Bright Navy 113g White Avoiding acrylic due to its tendency to melt when exposed to high heats, cotton is the yarn of choice for kitchen related projects. Time to Completion: December 4 – 6 Project Notes:Continue reading “DROPS Potholders with Nordic Pattern”

Foxy Brioche Scarf

Project Info Pattern: Foxy Brioche Scarf by Cherie Marie Leck Yarn: Pacific Chunky by Cascade Yarns Color 01 – Cream (<1 skein) Color 158 – Copper Brown (<1 skein) Color 48 – Black (just a bit) This pattern is conveniently written for either chunky or worsted yarn. This was especially fortuitous as our local yarnContinue reading “Foxy Brioche Scarf”

Harry Potter Gryffindor Style Baby Blanket

Project Info Pattern: Harry Potter Gryffindor Style Blanket by Little Bean Sugar Co. Yarn: Impeccable 100% Acrylic in Burgundy (3 skeins) Impeccable 100% Acrylic in Gold (2 skeins) Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic in Snow Sparkle (<1 skein) Lion Brand Basic Stitch 100% Acrylic in Lemonade (<1 skein) While acrylic isn’t my favorite yarn toContinue reading “Harry Potter Gryffindor Style Baby Blanket”

Irish Braided Cable Knit Headband

Project Info Pattern: Irish Braided Cable Knit Headband By Julie Yarn: Caron Simply Soft 100% Acrylic in Snow Sparkle (<1 skein) Some might notice that this project was created with the leftover yarn from the snitch wings on my Harry Potter Gryffindor Style Baby Blanket Time to Completion: Approx. 10 hours Project Notes: This wasContinue reading “Irish Braided Cable Knit Headband”

Camino de Fuego y Los Maya: Costa Rica (Part 4)

Day 14: Costa Rica We left decently early in the morning thinking we might make it onto the 9:00am ferry. With some rushing and a carefully timed breakfast we walked into the ferry area at 8:45am and bought our return tickets at the window (again 100 cordobas). Our tardiness to the launch area meant thatContinue reading “Camino de Fuego y Los Maya: Costa Rica (Part 4)”

Camino de Fuego y Los Maya: Nicaragua (Part 3)

Day 9: Managua We decided that, in the end, it really worked out for the best that our flight got changed since it meant a good night’s sleep for us + an unexpected visit to Antigua. We enjoyed our stay at Hostel Guatefriends where it felt as though we got to have our first nightContinue reading “Camino de Fuego y Los Maya: Nicaragua (Part 3)”

Camino de Fuego y Los Maya: Guatemala (Part 2)

Day Four: Getting to Guatemala Our AirBnB host was kind enough to arrange for a taxi to pick us up at 9am and drop us off at the Belize/Guatemala border for a reasonable price of 20BZD ($10). We frantically threw our stuff into backpacks and were stumbling out the door when the taxi arrived. WithContinue reading “Camino de Fuego y Los Maya: Guatemala (Part 2)”