The One With the Asados

Continuing our favorite tradition of heading to the cultural festivals on the weekends, we headed to the Mexico Cultural Festival! Despite all of the misleading dates and confusion about when the festival was actually occurring, we finally made it and I finally got my burrito. I gotta say, it wasn’t as good as my CaliforniaContinue reading “The One With the Asados”

The One With the End of the World

So the southern most tip of Argentina is actually an island, but we pretend it’s attached to the continent for fun. The whole area is called Tierra del Fuego and at the southern part of it, there’s a small city called Ushuaia. It is the southernmost city in the world (not including the stations onContinue reading “The One With the End of the World”

The One With the Wrong Cultural Festival

One of the fun things to do around Buenos Aires is try to understand what some of the street signs here mean. Because what is obvious to the porteños, is not so obvious to the students studying here. A few we’ve managed to understand: “leave seats for people with disabilities” or “unload and load quickly.” ButContinue reading “The One With the Wrong Cultural Festival”

The One With the Air Conditioning Units

  In my spare time I signed up for an extra “short course” at the university on Urban Photography. The class held promises of exploring the city while learning to take photos. Thus far, we haven’t explored the city. Rather, we’ve taken photos and examined them in class. The teacher has promised that we’ll meetContinue reading “The One With the Air Conditioning Units”