The One With All the Goodbyes

For my last week in Buenos Aires I flew the coop and headed to Igazu again!!!! Whoo!!!!! Just kidding… In downtown Buenos Aires there’s a “Monument to Igazú” but it’s actually just a mock Igazú Falls for all the tourists who won’t be able to make it up to Igazú. I mean come on, that’sContinue reading “The One With All the Goodbyes”

The One Before the Last One

I finally made it to the National Library (getting sick seriously ruins everything) and found this statue that I’d last seen on our first week here during the city tour. The library itself is somewhat cool with a design somewhat like the UC San Diego library, just slightly less pyramid-y and more boxy. The statueContinue reading “The One Before the Last One”

The One With More Public Transportation Stories

We’re down to the last two weeks in Buenos Aires and boy has it been quite the adventure! So much so, that all of these photos are old (like one week) and out of order because I’ve been backlogged from all of the adventures I have around the city each weekend. The cultural director personContinue reading “The One With More Public Transportation Stories”