I said yes to the dress….pattern!

My partner and I knew from the beginning that we would be doing an entirely untraditional wedding. I wasn’t particularly into ceremonies and he wasn’t particularly into big weddings, but we had enough family members that a traditional wedding would both inevitably be big and very ceremonious. So we threw out the script and insteadContinue reading “I said yes to the dress….pattern!”

Our Hearts Will Go On Quilt

Project Info Pattern: Our Hearts Will Go On by Karen Bialik Fabric: 100% Cotton quilting fabrics + batiks. This pattern uses 10 different colors of fabric which makes for a complex shopping trip! While the pattern does a good job of trying to match each color with a designating letter that it then refers toContinue reading “Our Hearts Will Go On Quilt”

Derwent Sweater

Project Info Pattern: Derwent by Sarah Cooke Yarn: Some cheap acrylic yarn from JoAnn’s (White) Partner 6 Phildar (Grey) About halfway through the project I regretted using some cheap acrylic yarn from JoAnn’s because I was loving how the sweater came out, but the completed project looks nice and is super warm as well! TimeContinue reading “Derwent Sweater”

Miss Ella Sweater (Adult)

Project Info Pattern: Adult Miss Ella by Lara Simonson Yarn: Uptown Worsted in Chocolate Heather (5 skeins) This was a gorgeous acrylic yarn that felt so soft that I decided to go ahead and make the sweater out of it even though I try to avoid using acrylic for clothing since it doesn’t always holdContinue reading “Miss Ella Sweater (Adult)”

Adventure Time Backpack

Project Info Pattern: Adventure Time Backpack by Andrie Designs Fabric: ¼ yard tan marine vinyl (base), 1 ⅜ yard contrast fabric (blue) (for piping as well), 1¼ yds National Parks Words fabric (outer), 1½ National Parks Signs Fabric (Lining) My mom had come across these fabrics in the past and was inspired to make meContinue reading “Adventure Time Backpack”

Cardigan Aran

Project Info Pattern: Cardigan Aran by Irina Lyubaeva Yarn: Berroco Ultra Fine Wool (5 skeins): This was a nice find at our local yarn store, while the dark color hides the cabling somewhat, it’s a beautiful color and super soft. Time to Completion: June 20, 2020 – August 2021 The long completion time was mostlyContinue reading “Cardigan Aran”

Cats in the Garden Raglan Sweater

Project Info Pattern: Cats in the Garden Raglan by Katherine Paddison Yarn: Vintage by Berroco Color 5185 – Teal/Blueish (1.5 skeins) Color 5101 – Cream (2.5 skeins) At the time of making this, my cousin’s (9 y.o.) favorite colors were teal and pink. And while I couldn’t bring myself to make a teal sweater withContinue reading “Cats in the Garden Raglan Sweater”

Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket

Project Info Pattern: Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket by Gina House Yarn: Feels Like Butta (White): 800-1000 yards This might just be the world’s softest baby yarn. Being made from 100% polyester it is super soft, super durable, and easy to work with. And, of course, once it’s been blocked, it stays blocked. Time to Completion:Continue reading “Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket”

Unicorn Beanie

Project Info Pattern: Unicorn Hat by Holly G Hats Yarn: Big Twist (Twinkle): 100 yards Carron Simply Soft (Purple): 100 yards Gold colored yarn from my yarn stash: 5-10 yards While the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, I suspect it would be easier to get gauge with chunky yarn. Although it calls forContinue reading “Unicorn Beanie”

DROPS Potholders with Nordic Pattern

Project Info Pattern: 0-725 Poinsettias in the Snow by DROPS Design Yarn: Sugar ‘n Cream 100% Cotton Yarn 113g Bright Navy 113g White Avoiding acrylic due to its tendency to melt when exposed to high heats, cotton is the yarn of choice for kitchen related projects. Time to Completion: December 4 – 6 Project Notes:Continue reading “DROPS Potholders with Nordic Pattern”