Off Kibbutz Adventures

For one of our group activities we had a bonfire in the desert, this is a popular bonfire space that is a five to ten minute walk away from the kibbutz. Fun kibbutz myth: The hill that this picture was taken from looks a lot like a camel when viewed during the day. The story says that one of the founders of the kibbutz came here on his camel to start the kibbutz and this hill is that same camel.
First Bonfire of the Year
   The second picture is me at the Red Sea in Eilat (a forty minute bus ride away), completing my goal to swim in the Red Sea, Dead Sea and Mediterranean Sea (whoop whoop).
Swimming in the Red Sea
  This picture was a different bonfire later in the week with a smaller group where myself and one of the other students slept over and went on a sunrise hike. This was sort of the silly picture where two of the students were staring at the stars and didn’t know I was taking a picture (I had a camera remote in my hand) so I looked at the stars too resulting in this rather fabulous picture.
Desert Bonfires
  This picture is the sunrise from the hike that another student and myself went on after sleeping out in the desert. It was a lot colder than we expected, but the sunrise hike in the morning was great!
Sunrise over Jordan

#datkibbutzlyfe: The communal laundry system here is pretty interesting, now that I’ve figured it out. There are a variety of chutes that are labeled darks (brown, red, purple), lights (pink and yellow), lights (green and purple), etc. You then toss your clothes down the correct chute depending on what color they are (after labeling them with a predesignated number so they will be returned to the correct shelf in our laundry trailer). Then, a couple days later, they appear, clean and folded, in the student trailer for us to pick up. It’s extremely convenient, and we have laundry bags for socks and underwear so they don’t get lost.

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