Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket

Project Info

Pattern: Sleepy Eyes Baby Blanket by Gina House


  • Feels Like Butta (White): 800-1000 yards

This might just be the world’s softest baby yarn. Being made from 100% polyester it is super soft, super durable, and easy to work with. And, of course, once it’s been blocked, it stays blocked.

Time to Completion: June 19 – July 19, 2021

Project Notes: With another baby expected in the department, it was an exciting opportunity for me to bust out this pattern, which I had found so long ago. The opportunity to take a break from cabling felt like a much needed respite for my wrist and I was happy to tackle another lace challenge. I was a little worried throughout that the mistakes would be noticeable as I missed quite a few yarn overs, but even to my eyes they were hard to find once the blanket was blocked and done.

The pattern itself was super simply and easy to pick up, the biggest challenge for me was that I jumped so eagerly into the cathedral skip that I forgot to cast on the extra stitches to put a garter stitch border around the edge, whoops! I still loved it and was excited to practice crocheting by adding the scalloped edge around the outside.

The magic of blocking!

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