A Long Bus Ride Through Morocco and Other Short Stories

When Austin and I first arrived in Spain he expressed his eagerness to visit Morocco, which seemed doable since it’s literally a ferry ride away from the border of Spain. Having had a friend study abroad in Morocco I was also interested in visiting, plus, having been to the Middle East, I was interested inContinue reading “A Long Bus Ride Through Morocco and Other Short Stories”

The One With the Cities Where I Didn’t Study Abroad

We spent three wonderful, albeit wet, days in Seville before catching our next blablacar to Granada. I sat in the front seat this time to give Austin a break. He’s much better at small talk than I am, but he’d had to sit in the front of the majority of our blablacars so I feltContinue reading “The One With the Cities Where I Didn’t Study Abroad”

Of Birthdays and Elections

Birthdays in other countries can be either pretty great or pretty depressing. Sometimes, birthdays can trigger all sorts of feelings of culture shock and homesickness when you have to celebrate your birthday thousands of miles away from the friends and family you usually celebrate with. ┬áIn order to avoid that experience, I planned an epicContinue reading “Of Birthdays and Elections”

The One Where We’re #cultured

Austin and I finally remembered to head out to the cemetery when it was open and were surprised by exactly how big it was! While the cemetery in Recoleta in Buenos Aires was very touristy due to the presence of the tombs of a few famous Argentines, the cemetery here in Trujillo is designed forContinue reading “The One Where We’re #cultured”