Cruisers of the Caribbean Pt. 1

Well friends, it has finally happened. I wrote a blog so dang long that WordPress’s editor couldn’t really load my photos, or upload new photos, or load that many words, and so I’ve been forced to split my blog into multiple posts in order to accommodate. So before you continue on this journey, just beContinue reading “Cruisers of the Caribbean Pt. 1”

Camping at the Base of the Grand Canyon

Having read about camping in the Grand Canyon, I was eager to try it when I found myself in the area. Having read only information that dated back to 2015 while searching for information on descending into the canyon, I felt the need to add my voice to the clamor about this beautiful, secret, campingContinue reading “Camping at the Base of the Grand Canyon”

El Camino del Diablo

Sunny Yuma, Arizona was the starting place for our next adventure! Located on the border between Mexico, Arizona, and California, Aaron and I found ourselves in Yuma to visit his family over his birthday weekend. While in the area, we decided to take advantage of the Camino del Diablo, a 4×4 trail which started practicallyContinue reading “El Camino del Diablo”

Presidential Perambulations: Death Valley Edition

President’s Day weekend was a long weekend off work for me, and Aaron’s schedule is somewhat flexible so we decided to take some time to drive down and explore Death Valley and get the most out of our jeep. We did our research beforehand, and headed down to the park armed with the National GeographicContinue reading “Presidential Perambulations: Death Valley Edition”

Down Under, Around, and Back Again

After me being home for approximately three weeks this summer, Aaron suggested that I join him for the Australia leg of his Eastern Hemisphere trip that would include Shanghai, Australia, and Singapore, among other countries. Neither of us had been to Australia and it was the only continent neither of us had yet been too,Continue reading “Down Under, Around, and Back Again”

#thatpueblolife AKA The Austin Appreciation Post

A year and a half ago I texted Austin and I asked him if he wanted to go to Spain with me to teach English after we graduated. I didn’t have any concrete plans after graduation, he didn’t have any concrete plans after graduation. He’d been my travel buddy through all of Argentina, it seemedContinue reading “#thatpueblolife AKA The Austin Appreciation Post”

A Quick Review of the English Teaching Assistant Program in Spain

In an attempt to improve the english of students around the country, the Spanish government invites a few thousand native english speakers to the country each year to live in its pueblos and help teach english to students and occasionally provide a lesson on cultural as well. The program is called the Auxiliares de ConversaciónContinue reading “A Quick Review of the English Teaching Assistant Program in Spain”