DROPS Potholders with Nordic Pattern

Project Info

Pattern: 0-725 Poinsettias in the Snow by DROPS Design


  • Sugar ‘n Cream 100% Cotton Yarn
    • 113g Bright Navy
    • 113g White

Avoiding acrylic due to its tendency to melt when exposed to high heats, cotton is the yarn of choice for kitchen related projects.

Time to Completion: December 4 – 6

Project Notes: Faced with a semi-last minute secret snowflake gift exchange at work, I decided this was my opportunity to bust out a quick household project with a winter-theme. These pot holders knit up incredibly quickly despite being made with some incredibly finicky cotton yarn. The pot holders came out much larger than I expected, partly because my gage swatch was off by ⅛ of an inch, partly because the pattern makes pretty large pot holders. Overall it’s a super easy pattern to knit, but I did add one knit row after finishing the chart to allow for a smoother color change for the final rows in garter stitch.

The finished pot holders with inverses colors.

Ready to be wrapped! The adorable handmade label was a sweet find from JoAnns and has instructions for care on the backside.

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