Foxy Brioche Scarf

Project Info

Pattern: Foxy Brioche Scarf by Cherie Marie Leck


  • Pacific Chunky by Cascade Yarns
    • Color 01 – Cream (<1 skein)
    • Color 158 – Copper Brown (<1 skein)
    • Color 48 – Black (just a bit)

This pattern is conveniently written for either chunky or worsted yarn. This was especially fortuitous as our local yarn shop had the absolute perfect colors in a bulky weight yarn, but nothing even close in their worsted section. This yarn is a super wash wool blend so it’s incredibly soft but still machine washable.

Time to Completion: November 14 – 21

This was an incredibly quick project, despite being new to brioche knitting & two color brioche knitting. My speediness was aided by a weekend camping trip with lots of driving, procrastination on my final essays for classes, and a half day trip to the doctor with lots of time in the waiting room.

Project Notes: I found this pattern while scrolling aimlessly through knitting subreddits and Ravelry feeds a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the idea of it. Luckily, with an avid fox fan in the family, I had an excellent excuse to give this pattern a try and learn brioche knitting. Expecting it to be complicated, based on the instructions, I found a YouTube video and used an old yarn ball to test out my brioche stitches. After creating a swatch that looked reasonable, I returned to the pattern and created my gauge swatch (got the correct gauge on the first try, whoop whoop!). Reading over the brioche instructions once more, I realized I had been doing it slightly incorrectly, and adjusted my stitching.

The beginning of a fox head and a short length of the scarf still on a long green double pointed needle
Getting started with the face! I decided for this round I would tackle one new skill at a time and created the nose without using the intarsia option, someday I’ll pick up an intarsia project!

With the fox’s head finished, the instructions walked me through separating the stitches to create a two sided keyhole to slide the tail of the scarf through so it could be held securely around one’s neck. The design of this pattern is fantastic and the instructions were easy to read/follow. Keyhole complete, I was onto the two color brioche section. A couple mishaps at the beginning led to me pulling out specific stitches to attempt small fixes. After about six inches of perfect edges, I started having white strands appearing wound around the outside of the orange on the front of the scarf. I returned to the instructions, tried to follow them to a tee, and still the white remained. Eventually, I frogged back about four inches, somehow managed to miraculously put the stitches back on the needles in the correct order, and then — after stepping away from the project for a day — returned and once again followed the instructions, this time having no trouble.

I was well on my way and quickly zoomed through the rest of the brioche, and moved onto the tail. After losing my place on the tail, I ended up having to frog four rows and was unsuccessful in managing to get the stitches back on the needle so I frogged back to the garter stitch section (another four rows) where I was able to pick the stitches back up and successfully finish off the tail and add the ears.

 completed fox scarf minus the eyes

Ends woven in, tail finished, ears made and securely attached, all I had left to do was add the button eyes. But I had no buttons!

A short trip to JoAnn’s later and the buttons were securely in place and my little fox scarf was complete.

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