I said yes to the dress….pattern!

My partner and I knew from the beginning that we would be doing an entirely untraditional wedding. I wasn’t particularly into ceremonies and he wasn’t particularly into big weddings, but we had enough family members that a traditional wedding would both inevitably be big and very ceremonious. So we threw out the script and insteadContinue reading “I said yes to the dress….pattern!”

Our Hearts Will Go On Quilt

Project Info Pattern: Our Hearts Will Go On by Karen Bialik Fabric: 100% Cotton quilting fabrics + batiks. This pattern uses 10 different colors of fabric which makes for a complex shopping trip! While the pattern does a good job of trying to match each color with a designating letter that it then refers toContinue reading “Our Hearts Will Go On Quilt”

Adventure Time Backpack

Project Info Pattern: Adventure Time Backpack by Andrie Designs Fabric: ¼ yard tan marine vinyl (base), 1 ⅜ yard contrast fabric (blue) (for piping as well), 1¼ yds National Parks Words fabric (outer), 1½ National Parks Signs Fabric (Lining) My mom had come across these fabrics in the past and was inspired to make meContinue reading “Adventure Time Backpack”